Overview: This course aims at equipping the learner with basic skills in reading and writing i.e. addresses the ability of the learner to make meaning of letters and sounds thus making sense of written codes, to aid in all other subjects.

Overview: This course aims to play a preparatory role in enabling learners to use it as a medium of learning from grade four upwards, and eventually gradually empower learners to exercise what they have acquired in the different functions that English language plays,at the national and global level.

Maelezo ya Jumla: Somo la Kiswahili katika kiwango hiki humwandaa mwanafunzi kwa mafunzo ya viwango vya juu na baadaye katika ajira.

Overview: This course aims to enable the learner demonstrate mastery of number concepts by working out problems in day to day life, apply measurement skills to find solutions to problems in a variety of contexts and describe properties of geometrical shapes and spatial relationships in real life experiences.

Overview: This course aims to equip the learner with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes leading to competency that will enable exploration of the environment for enjoyment, learning and problem solving. The competences will form a basis for concepts to be acquired at higher levels of learning for sustainable development.

Overview: This course aims to equip the learner with basic knowledge, skills, attitudes and attitudes that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. The learner is given the ability to take care of their own well-being as well as that of others by learning and adopting healthy habits in hygiene and nutrition.

Overview: This course aims at building on the competencies introduced at pre-primary level concerning God’s self-revelation to man through Jesus Christ.The learners will be equipped with moral values, life skills and attitudes that assist them to live with self and others peacefully.